FLICKLOCK?! - Flickr + Clock (Silverlight)

Silverlight/Workshop 2008.07.20 01:49


It shows you recent photo from flickr.com using Flickr Open API

Does it looks like something you have event seen?
You're right!
It's exactly is the homage to UNIQLOCK.


UNIQLOCK is showing the 'Time Zone Name' under the time text.
Butm FLICKLOCK shows 'DOKDO / SOUTH KOREA' (hard coded).

It means 'Dokdo(=island) is absolutely Korean territory'.

You can see clock for 5 seconds (the way UNIQLOCK does),
then you can see 5 recent photos from flickr.com.

1. If you click FLICKLOCK when the photos are being showed,  
it will float new window to get the flickr.com webpage for the photo.

2. If you click FLICKLOCK when time text is being showed,
it will float new window to get the 'Dokdo Museum'


Click to SHARE button to get the code for sharing.


Silverlight 2 Beta 2
I hope it would be helpful to you.




  • BlogIcon SadTear 2008.11.07 10:28 신고 ADDR 수정/삭제 답글

    Flicklock의 share 소스가 잘못 된거 같아요 .
    첫째중의 타입에 x-silverlight-2-b2 로 되어있습니다.

    <object data='data:application/x-silverlight,' type='application/x-silverlight-2-b2' width='160' height='120'>

    이렇게 수정해서 적용하니까 되더라고요.
    <object data='data:application/x-silverlight,' type='application/x-silverlight-2' width='160' height='120'>

    share 버튼 눌러서 퍼갔는데 갑자기 이전버전을 설치하라고 그래서 놀랬네요 ㅎㅎ;

    • BlogIcon 길버트 2008.11.07 11:12 신고 수정/삭제

      그렇군요! 수정하도록 하겠습니다.
      제가 정식버전 출시 후에 철저하게 대응하지
      못한 것 같네요~ ^^
      지적 감사합니다.

    • BlogIcon 길버트 2008.11.07 11:15 신고 수정/삭제

      수정완료 하였습니다.