RadControl for Windows 8, 새 업데이트

Metro/Windows 8 2013.02.26 14:20


2013년 상반기 첫 업데이트가 나왔습니다. 버전은 2013.1 219입니다.


저는 XAML 파트에만 관심이 있으므로 XAML 파트만 모아 봤습니다.

HTML5 쪽도 궁금하신 분은 원문 전체 내용이 담겨있는 릴리즈 노트를 참고하세요.


Chart XAML

  • Added: Empty values support for the chart control
  • Added: Annotations support to the RadCartesian / RadPolarChart controls   // 아, 이거 목빠지게 기다리고 있었습니다.
  • Added: Support for point pallete mode in Bar series  // 이것 역시 목빠지게 기다렸죠.
  • Fixed: RadLegendControl.Foreground property not respected when set
  • Fixed: Selection Behavior does not work correctly in Doughnut chart
  • Fixed: DateTimeOffset struct is not supported properly in chart control when DateTimeCategoricalAxis is used
  • Fixed: BarSeries LegendTitle throws exception when binding is used
  • Fixed: PieSeries.SelectedPointOffset property cannot be set to zero to effectively disable the exploding effect on selection
  • Fixed: Initialize exception when OhlcSeriesDescriptor is used
  • Fixed: LegendItem.Fill not updated properly in a scenario with multiple LineSeries when one of the first series is removed during runtime (so palette colors must be updated).
  • Fixed: Issue with legend not displayed when palette is not applied
  • Fixed: Issue with chart hanging in design mode when DesiredTickCount is defined
  • Fixed: PointTemplateSeries.IsVisibleInLegend does not work when series is created in C#
Breaking changes
  • Breaking change: ChartToolTipBehavior.IsOpen property is now read-only
  • Breaking change: datatemplateselector.selecttemplate(...) first argument to pass the relevant datapoint / axis label model and not its index -- applies for PointTemplateSeries and axis labels selectors.
  • Breaking change: ChartToolTipBehavior not working properly with multiple series (tooltip behavior now uses Euclidean distance when calculating closest point distance)


DateTimePicker XAML

  • Fixed: RadDateTimePicker Inline mode does not update UI when using Binding to Value property

Pagination XAML

  • Fixed: RadPaginationControl does not work properly when used inside GridView.ItemTemplate data template